Aligning operating model to business needs

A Client Case Study

The client was the HR General Manager of a division with 7,000 employees, out of 40,000 employees in the organisation as a whole.

The division decided to pursue an aggressive organic growth strategy, with a plan to recruit, onboard, develop, and geographically transfer unprecedented numbers of employees. This resulted in the need to review the adequacy of HR service delivery in order to address current service issues and accommodate the planned growth.

The HR function within the organisation operated under a shared services model, with limited scope for division-specific customisations of services and delivery mechanisms. Most of the HR services used by the division were delivered by the centralised shared services function.

Stephanie from Strategy2Life worked with the divisional HR leadership team, and key managers from the centralised HR shared services to:

  • Identify the main “pain points” in current service delivery against the projected business needs as a result of the division’s growth strategy.
  • Identify and prioritise service improvement initiatives to address key “pain points” experienced by the division.
  • Work with divisional HR managers to plan, track and deliver service improvement initiatives.
  • Engage and collaborate with shared service and corporate head office colleagues to ensure the division’s business needs are taken into account in group-wide improvement initiatives.
  • Work with service delivery areas within shared services to improve management reporting to the division and, in some cases, establish brand new metrics that align with the division’s business needs.

Key improvements delivered to the division included:

  • Speeding up typical recruitment and onboarding processes by 20 days, based on streamlining approvals to hire, pre-recruitment role evaluations, non-standard remuneration approvals, and onboarding.
  • Reducing the number of forms required to onboard new employees from up to 28 to 1
  • Changing the international mobility operating model to provide a higher level of service to the division in order to meet business needs.

The HR stream within the strategy execution program was widely seen as one of the most well progressed in delivering agreed strategic outcomes for the division.  As a result, this significantly raised the credibility of the entire HR function within the division as a key enabler of the strategy.

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© 2014 Strategy2Life. This is a genuine client case study. Due to client confidentiality, certain identifying details of the case may have been disguised or omitted.
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