Change management

“Building support and helping stakeholders transition to the desired future state”

wave beat rockThe importance of change management is increasingly being recognised. However, the corresponding growth in methodologies, training courses, and certifications has not necessarily led to more successful and sustainable change.

Part of the reason is that change management is sometimes viewed as an “optional extra” activity that is conducted in isolation from the rest of the change initiative, and as something to be used like a magic wand over people-related difficulties as they arise. This is exacerbated by the perception that change management is somewhat “wishy-washy” with no tangible outcomes, shrouded in language and academic theories unfamiliar to many organisational and project leaders.

Strategy2Life’s change management approach is different. It is:

  • focused on supporting, not taking over from, the change leader/sponsor
  • integrated with your overall strategy or program execution, because we have deep expertise in strategy, program and project management
  • focused on managing the change impacts on all key stakeholder groups above, below, across the organisation, and external stakeholder groups.
  • based on a number of proven change methodologies, diagnostics, tools and interventions
  • based on strong communication but goes beyond it, because communication is necessary but not sufficient
  • metrics- and outcome-driven, not “fluffy” or theoretical.

At Strategy2Life, we are best at developing and overseeing a fit-for-purpose change management strategy for your strategy or initiative. Where required, we draw on internal or external specialists in training, communication, organisational design, leadership development, facilitation and so on.

You benefit from having a change management strategy and approach that is tailored to the needs of your change agenda and your organisation.

“Stephanie brings strategic thinking, big picture perspective together with detailed analytical capability to solve complex problems, and she does this by engaging and building strong relationships with stakeholders at the senior executive level and employees at the lower levels. Her personable demeanour and pragmatism contribute to her success in driving large scale change.”   – Barry Melamed, General Manager, Internal Consulting, RailCorp NSW

Example past assignments:

  • Developing customer experience maps, new processes, business rules, organisational structure, customer takeup strategies, communication plan and key message grid, business readiness plan and customer survey, in preparation for the digitisation of an insurance application and renewal process
  • Mobilising stakeholder support and improving capability to execute a new Finance function strategy (read more)
  • In a large public sector organisation, overcame initial change resistance and inertia in relation to a significant cost saving strategic initiative. (read more)
  • Developing a change management impact diagnostic for a technology infrastructure upgrade project portfolio of 70 major projects and 150 minor projects (read more)
  • Implementing a balanced scorecard, new KPIs and priority management reporting, to underpin a new strategy in an insurance operations function with over 1000 staff
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