Strategy mobilisation and governance

“Strategy mobilisation is the runway that helps your strategy take flight.”

plane takeoff - smallYou come back from the strategy workshop, elated at what you and your team achieved. You know better than to expect that execution will “just happen”, but even the best organisations find that business-as-usual can overtake good intentions.

Some leaders decide that establishing a portfolio/program/project management office (PMO or P3MO) is the answer to strategy execution. Undoubtedly, PMOs’ typical focus on project management disciplines, financial and human resource allocation, and portfolio management and reporting is helpful. However, the level of discipline advocated by most PMOs is not appropriate for every strategic initiative, nor is their overhead cost always affordable or justifiable. Moreover, PMOs vary significantly in their scope and capabilities. Not many are equally at home discussing strategy as they are comfortable discussing project plans. As a result, a gap remains between strategy and execution.

Strategy2Life can work with you and your team throughout the strategy execution life cycle – especially in the early mobilisation stages. We can facilitate visioning and roadmap development, design governance structures, serve as a member of your governance group, or review strategic outcomes.

“Stephanie helped develop our divisional HR strategy and designed a governance framework to help my team [deliver strategic initiatives] while focussing on our “day jobs”. The outcome of Stephanie’s work is that the many of the fundamentals of HR delivery into the business are now well on track, which has enabled myself and the team to focus on the longer term strategic agenda for the business.”    – Daniel King, General Manager HR, ANZ Institutional

 Example past assignments:

  • Prioritising a portfolio of strategic procurement initiatives and restructuring the program and governance structure in order to regain lost momentum (read more)
  • Supported the development of a new HR strategy to align with a new business strategy by developing execution plans and governance processes to support its execution
  • Developed and implemented a strategy execution framework to translate a new strategy for a 100-person finance function into tangible plans, metrics, initiatives and change management activities (read more)
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