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Operating model design: start with customers

When organisations change their operating model, sometimes one objective is emphasised at the expense of others. This causes problems in the long term, such as unintended increase in workload, special requests, and additional effort expended to tweak or tailor services. A key solution to this problem is to start with your customers’ needs when designing an operating model.

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Principles to consider when you design a new operating model

This article discusses some benefits of operating model redesign, identifies 9 key elements of an operating model, and outlines some principles that need to be considered when redesigning the operating model for your business, organisation, or function.

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How to speed up strategy execution

Speedy strategy execution is crucial in an environment of constant and accelerating change. After the initial excitement has worn off, how do you, as leader, know whether progress is being made? How do you know whether your people are setting themselves up for success, and how do you accelerate strategy execution? Read on for 5 things you should watch out for.

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